Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Shabby to chic...

Who doesn't love to save some money?
When we moved into our house there was a chest of drawers left in the garage by the previous owner, I specifically remember her saying as she left "you might want to chuck those", I looked at them and thought yeah your probably right, I wanted my house to be more chic than shabby. Weeks past and as I came to start organising our ever growing mountain of rubbish that was bursting from the garage I uncovered them again. We had a gap in our kitchen that left room for something similar, tucked into the return of the fireplace and it needed to be filled.

I visited a local DIY store and came across some chalk paint, I had seen Kirsty Allsop swooning after this so I decided for the sake of £14 it might be worth a crack.

I chose winter grey... a beautifully neutral colour that worked with the coppers, wooden and earthy tones of our kitchen.

I carefully prepped the drawers, sanding them gently and dusting them down and then one by one I gave each drawer 2 coats and the frame itself. It sat drying in the sun while I thought about the handles. With the kitchen having lots of grey black and copper elements mixed with off white cabinet doors I decided that the wooden handles looked a bit naff. Instead I knew of a beautiful gift shop that sold separate quirky/vintage handles. There were so many to choose from but in the end I went for a stone cream handle with a copper/brass design (pack of 8 - £7.99).

The end result was pretty perfect for £21.99, don't you think?

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