Monday, 28 April 2014

Shock horror I bought a pair of jeans

Although this seems like an ordinary purchase for most, it is almost a first for me! I never wear jeans! Crazy? I know, but you will always find me in a pair of leggings or Topshop Leigh or Joni 'jeans', although I barely class those as denim. When I say Jeans I mean real denim, denim that is quite thick and hard wearing. For spring I wanted some ink blue slouchy skinnies that would look great with pumps, sandals or flip-flops. I found the perfect pair. Where? NEXT. I am quite small so it is often hard to find jeans, infact anything, that fits length wise. Therefore, I always head to the petite section, I picked up a pair of relaxed skinnies in a 10P and I love them! They look super cute and summery with a little turn up at the bottom and they have the ripped effect over the knee. Due to the denim being quite dark they look great with light/white coloured tops. 

Where did you find your favorite pair of jeans?

Monday, 14 April 2014

How to clean your make-up brushes

I think most people know their buffing brush from their contouring brush, but did you know that you should be cleaning these brushes regularly? 
I have to admit, up until a few years ago I never even thought about cleaning my make-up brushes as I thought, whats the point, you only use them for putting the same make-up onto a fresh face. Yet, so many bacteria, oil and dirt get stuck in the bristles of the brush and overtime they can grow and lead to unwanted breakouts. I also find that if I haven't cleaned my brushes in a while my make-up tends to look a bit flat, as if my brushes aren't working as well. time to give those brushes some TLC.

 1. What you will need - washing up liquid/shampoo, a plate, a small cup of lukewarm water.

2) Put a tiny amount of washing up liquid/shampoo on to the plate.

3) I usually use a baby wipe first to wipe any excess make-up off , then dip the brush in the cup of water.

4) Gently swirl the brush round the plate in the soap and keep rinsing the brush in the water, you may need to rinse and repeat a few times. 

Once cleaned run the brush under steady lukewarm water to get rid of any soap that is still on there. Use a cloth to then wipe the brush and reshape the bristles. lay the brush flat to dry.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

A little update.

I have been pretty busy and just not got round to posting. But hellloooo again!
I hope you like my post below :)
I'm also going to update you on what I have been up to so you can get a more personal insight into my probably boring daily activities.

I booked a holiday!
yes yes yes, we will be heading to lovely Tenerife for a week of sun and relaxation at this gorgeous hotel.

Getting ready for holiday I also started slimming world.
In 2 weeks I've lost 3.5lbs, not a lot but its been half term so a few days haven't gone to plan. Yet I discovered a fab breakfast that leaves you full till lunchtime and tastes yummy - overnightoats!
30g porridge oats
layered with low fat yoghurt
topped with frozen fruit.
leave in the fridge overnight and ta-dah!

New Vans, summer is here no more boots (I hope.)

I've also been babysitting my goddaughter who has a better bedroom than my own. So if anyone has a little girl and is needing some interior inspiration and would like me to do a post let me know...


Make-up fave's

Bourjois Bronzing Powder (51) - not to dark or patchy, sits perfectly on the skin and smells of chocolate. this bronzing powder is matte which is why I love it, its gives you a glow without literally making you look like a piece of glitter. What more could you want from a bronzing powder?

Bourjois Blush (34, Rose d'Or) - The Bourjois blush on the other hand is filled with highlighting sparkle. They do lovely shades that are perfect for summer to make those peachy cheeks glisten pink. It has all day staying power and can be applied lightly for a gentle cheek glow or can also be used heavily for a sharper look.

Collection lasting perfection concealer (cool medium) - Everyone's favorite budget concealer, need I say more!

Bourjois Unifying powder (52, Vanilla) - I discovered this powder a few years ago when the packaging was completely different but it is perfect. Everyday make up just wouldn't be the same without it. The powder is a matte finish and is great to just wear when you can't be bothered with the whole shabang! It has the staying power of a god and can be applied with a brush or powder puff.

Burt's Bees lip balm (pink grapefruit) - For the days when you just can't be bothered but you know that the chapped lip look just doesn't do it. I also use Burt's Bees as a base for my lipstick as it gives my lips so much moisture.

Revlon Luxurious colour eyeliner (05, brushed pewter) - Because of my fair hair I find that black eye-shadows and black mascara can some times make me look very washed out so instead I go for this great colour by Revlon. It is easy to apply and the opposite end has a smudger to help the smoky eye look.

Avon Spectra lash mascara (black) - Ok, so this may seem an odd choice to most but my mum has done Avon since she was 15 so as a 14 year old experimenting with make-up this is where I went. Throughout the years I have tried numerous mascaras but nothing lives up to this mascara with is three different application levels. Its fab!

realtechniques contour brush - This brush is my go to brush. Although it is a contour brush by name I think its a great brush for everything. I use it for powder as its the perfect size for an even coverage.

realtechniques buffing brush - I always apply concealer and foundation with my finger and then blend using this brush, its soft bristles leave an even, natural coverage. 

I'd like to know of any of your make-up go to's that will always hold a place in your make-up bag?


Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Slimming World.

A little update on my busy life...

Ok, so I'm not the fattest nor am I the skinniest, I've just always been pretty average!
Yet, after leaving uni its pretty obvious, as I depressingly scan old pictures, that I may be carrying a few more pounds than my former fresher self! Nothing major but its something that dents my confidence when I stand in front of the mirror. Even writing this makes me cringe! I've managed to lose half a stone since moving back home (not a lot I know) but this is without even trying! I guess the decrease in greasy hangover days and alcohol intake have something to do with it. So, this weekend after searching for a summer holiday I have vowed to get beach ready! Firstly, I've become a member of Slimming World, what a fab diet without the need to weigh and measure every ounce of your life. I'm being more experamentive with recipes and if any of you out there have any favorites you'd like to share then please comment :)

Secondly, the dreaded 30 day shred by Jillian Michaels! I've never been one to persevere with home workouts but the pain and relief after becomes slightly addictive! This is a great 20 minute workout that you can actually feel working, providing you put 100% into it. I'd love to hear about any more workouts that have worked for you?

I've had a gym membership for a year or two but have gone through phases, I am vowing that once my 30 day shred is done the gym is going to become something of a second home.

FAT... you will be gone by August 9th!