I'm Olivia, 23 and from Manchester in the UK. I drink too much tea, own too many scented candles, obsess over the cushions on my sofa and am useless at making decisions.
I have recently bought a house with my boyfriend in the South of Wales and bit by bit we are slowly turning it into a home.
I set up this blog as ever since I can remember I have loved a good bargain and like to recommend, rant and question the little happenings within my life. I'm quite arty and although I have a degree in Psychology and currently work as a primary school teacher I am forever thinking I have chosen the wrong career path. Who wouldn't love to be an interior designer, make up artist, personal shopper, traveler? That is what has led me to start my own blog. I am in no way professional but hope that I will provide a good read for those out their who enjoy the same things I do; so keep popping back to see my posts on make-up, hair, fashion, lifestyle and generally my opinion on the little things happening in my life.

Lots of love