Friday, 21 February 2014

Bargain of the month goes too...

This is well and truly my buy of the month!!!

£16.99 reduced from £67.

I occasionally nip into TK Maxx, or TJ Maxx if your from the US, not looking for anything in particular just hoping that I'll come out with a bargain. I tend to trawl through the younger sections and have no luck, but on the off chance a few weeks ago I took a detour home and ended up in TK Maxx car park!!! Oh dear! I spent a good half hour rooting and headed to the fitting rooms with a handful of items. After getting ridiculously flustered trying a gazillion things on and nothing fitting right (one of those days) I eventually came to this top, which, without looking at the label, I had just picked up as I loved the colour. When I took it off the hanger I noticed how soft it felt, which for some odd reason made me look at the label... French Connection. Now I'm not the biggest fan but I always love their summer collection. I tried it on and loved everything about it straight away!

Its going to be great in the summer with a bikini underneath, just showing through the Aztec cut out front. It is fairly cropped and baggy fitting so in summer I would probably style it with high wasted scruffy look denim shorts. But I couldn't wait for summer so today I have styled it with simple black leggings and a small white vest underneath, otherwise there would be serious boobage on show, tousled curly hair and of course my gorgeous wanderlust necklace!

Get rooting, there is serious bargains to be had!

All hail Queen B!

This probably won't be of interest to everyone but after reading numerous tweets and listening to Grimmy on radio 1 slate her for being 'boring' I wanted to make a post. I LOVEEE Beyonce, not just for her music but just her passion for women and womens rights, amen soul sister! Shes not my typical music of choice but she can certainly lift you up when your feeling down (the amount of times me and my housemates spent at uni while writing dissertation questioning, 'what would beyonce do?') shes great for a pick me up and a pyjamma rave round the house as your getting ready. Granted she didn't get up on stage and wiggle her booty to crazy in love but she performed her new single 'XO'... and she performed it in style!!! In my opinion Beyonce has one hot bod! And while she may have only stood there singing, her outfit pretty much said it all...

How many people can go from singing at the Brits dressed as a super sequined mermaid and then throw on some sneakers and a baseball jacket still looking super hot! When I think of baseball jackets and sneakers over a gorgeous dress I can't help but think about the awful states you see on a Saturday night out where their heals are off, McDonalds is in hand and their boyfriend has kindly lent them his jacket as their eyelashes begin to melt off into their burger! Not Queen B, I think she could even make a manky bandage look good!!!

Love you like... XO.

Thursday, 20 February 2014


So this week I have been off work and seen as the weather has been horrific it doesn't really make well for a lovely trip round the city to spend my hard earned cash. Instead I have found myself lured in to all the wonderful things that Etsy has to offer. If your not familiar with the website its a lovely website where people go to buy and sell anything handmade and vintage, I love it! So after looking through endless pages I had found nothing that had made my finger twitch for the 'add to cart' button. I've been really into the boho style lately and with it coming into spring there isn't a better time to start dreaming of floaty skirts, embroidered shorts and tousled beach hair. I eventually came across Wanderlust jewellery by accident on instagram. I fell in love with every item and just had to order myself a crystal healing heart pendant, at only £8.50. I was amazed. The delivery was so quick,  from ordering yesterday afternoon, it was on my doorstep 24 hours later!!! 
Even the packaging that it arrived in was super duper cute. Next on my wishlist is the dream-catcher necklace and hopefully the sold out set of 3 midi rings will come back in as I love them!

Thanks Wanderlust Jewellery x.


Howdy. Hello.
I'm Olivia from Manchester in the UK and I absolutely loveeee anything fashion and current, I'm 21 and new to this whole blogging thing. Be that jewellery, store hauls, home fashion, make-up, I'm pretty obsessed with changing things up and mixing things around. I decided to write a blog as kind of an open diary, I'm not to sure how well it will go, but having a blog will sure help dull moments where I'm stuck on a train or I've had a bad day in work.
This is my lovely mugshot, HEYYY!

I'm pretty sure if your reading this you'll want to know a little more about me, I've recently graduated (wahooo) with a psychology degree (not so whooo, NO JOBS) but I am hoping to return back to uni next year to carry on studying. I live a pretty average life at home with my Dad, Mum and brother, oh and of course my lovely boyfriend. Although sometime in the near future we are looking to move out, exciting! So stick around for weekly blogs on things I've bought, crazy ideas I've had or lovely places you need to visit.

mwah x.