Wednesday, 26 March 2014

A house is not a home without candles

So as my blogs not just focused on beauty I wanted to write about my crazy obsession with candles.
everyone loves a candle.
Every time I walk in someones house and they have candles lit I instantly feel at home. Candles add a cozy sort of light, a light that is inviting and warm and makes you want to snuggle under a blanket with films and tea. Even the coldest most modern concrete block would feel a little better if someone just lit a candle.
So due to my hoarding candle obsession I am wanting to share with you a few of my favorites. 

 1. Yankee Candle - Soft blanket by Yankee Candle is my favorite smell in the world. Its fresh and clean with a hint of something sweet, vanilla maybe. Yet, its not overpowering, vanilla can often be too sweet and cause headaches but this mysterious little scent is delicious. If I could describe the smell as anything it would be soft blanket. 

2. Wonder by Disney - If you could combine the smell when you first cuddle a new baby with the joy and excitement of Disney, this would be the smell. Its perfect for a little ones bedroom but I just love it! Its a soft scent of wonder that is soothing and sweet.

3. Smoothie Candle - This is not a well known candle make, in fact I only came across it when browsing the German Christmas markets in Manchester. They are handmade candles that provide 40 hours of burning. They quite literally burn forever, mines still going strong. My favorite scent is the Strawberry and kiwi, you may screw your nose up but its fresh and light and provides a great summery smell.

4. The White Company Cassis - Finally this is a lovely candle, it is a combination of raspberry and blackberry but there is a real woody undertone too it, It doesn't need to burn long either for it to fill the room. 

Candles are fab. They make any room cozy and warm, even if its just tea lights.
If your a crazy candle fiend like me I'd love to know of new makes and brilliant smells.


Sunday, 23 March 2014

Revlon Colorburst

Revlon Colorburst Crayons, Matte & Lacquer balms £7.99 each.
110 coquette
001 honey
230 complex

Revlon Coloburst Crayons

The female beauty blogging nation have sung huge praises about the new Revlon products so I therefore had to test drive for myself. There are so many pretty shades it was hard to make up my mind but I purchased one lacquer balm and two matte crayons. All of the Revlon crayon family have the 'Triple Butter Complex' of mango, shea and coconut butters for balm-like moisture, a mild peppermint fragrance and twist-up packaging. They smell and taste A-mazing! In my opinion I prefer the lacquer balm in contrast to the matte crayons as it provides a fuller shinier coverage. You are able to work with the lacquer balms to build colour or wear a simple layer to brighten everyday make-up. Both crayons provide great moisture but I'd say the lacquer balms take the lead over the matte. Do not be put off by the sparkly shimmer when you first open the packaging, this is not visible on the lips.

110 coquette - this is a medium pink that sits pretty for daytime wear with just one layer or a few more layers for night. suitable for almost all skin tones.

001 honey - this is a medium brown pink that can be worn as a natural look but adding that extra warming colour.

230 complex - this is a nude colour and is the perfect everyday balm. It applies a lot lighter than it looks.

I'd like to know your opinions on your Favorite lip crayons; make, shade?

Monday, 17 March 2014

The best things in life are free.

If like me your new to blogging then it can be quite difficult getting yourself off the ground without spending a tonne of money on stuff that is good enough to make its cheeky little way onto your page. Admittedly, I am a shopaholic therefore my endless relms of lipstick and smelly candles could always make a feature! But, not only is blogging for bigging up that one foundation that is a life saver, it's also to share opinions on new things in the market. How do you get your hands on new things without dollar? I hear you ask. Well... over the past month I have picked up a few freebies that I simply had to share with you.

I'll admit it, the only reason I bought Company this month is for Zoella's first ever cover! I am in love with her youtube channel and passed numerous hours at uni watching her hauls and beauty tips curled up in my duvet, instead of writing a dissertation! However, magazines can be a great way to test out little samples of new products. Company (April, 2014; £2.60) does not disappoint, A free mascara (company lashes) & a sample of Rimmel London BB cream Matte in Light, happy days.

On top of this I also bought my usual monthly read, Glamour (April, 2014; £2.00). As well as being Britain's No.1 women's magazine it is also Britain's No.1 generous magazine. with 25% of H&M voucher, Smashbox camera ready CC cream in light/medium and testers of Issey Miyake L'eau D'issey. 
Magazines can be a great way to get free samples and the competitions inside (if you can be bothered) are well worth a try.

Happy blogging xxx

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Lipstick... Kate Moss.

My lipstick of the week... Since launching in 2011 I have absolutely loved Kate Moss's collaboration with Rimmel and her beautiful Lipstick range. This week I have been loving this perfect nude shade (113). This lipstick does require you to prep your lips first; I have been using Lush's lip scrub and using a light layer of Burt's Bees to moisturize, otherwise the lipstick can be quite drying after a while. If your prone to chapped lips then I wouldn't recommend it but being the moisturizing junkie I am, I don't have a problem. The lipstick is a matte finish and is paired nicely with a pinky gloss, it smells amazing too! It is definitely a day lipstick as it only sits lightly on the lips providing a more natural colour. Although I do recommend the other shades in this range, especially the deep reds, they have great pigmentation and sit amazingly on the lips without need for gloss, as well as being reasonably priced.


Sunday, 2 March 2014

Your boyfriends razor may be better than your own.

The age old issue of leg hair. 
We all have it and sometimes it can seem such a chore to shave your legs for a night out. If your like me I tend not to shave my legs as much in the winter as I stay wrapped up, but having a boyfriend means I can't go walking around with my legs looking like the hair bear bunch. I have always used female razors, I do not know why and I have never even thought to question it before, perhaps its the colour. Yet over christmas I was left with a dilemma, I had no razor heads left and I was due to go out for christmas celebrations. I routed through my toiletries and could only find one of Dan's spare razors that had been unopened, a Mach3 Turbo that he had been given free at freshers fair. 
(I still don't think he knows this so.. hey Dan, I've been using your razor)

It worked a treat!!!

My legs felt smoother than I had ever managed to get them with the female razors. I have now adopted this lovely new razor as my own and my legs are still smoother than ever. This did lead me to research into why female and male razors were different. Apparently razors for men are at a different shave angle as mens beards are tougher than women's leg or underarm hair. Women's razors are built for all over body and numerous angles therefore the razor head tends to be flatter and rounded at the edges for better coverage. Personally I don't understand how a male razor is any different as it does a better job and the head replacements are so much cheaper!

Next time your out buying the essentials, give it a go, I'd like to know your verdict too?


Saturday, 1 March 2014

River Island haul.

Shoes - £25
Dainty daisy bracelets - £3 each
Daisy earrings - £2
Cross earrings - £3
Midi rings - £3

So the weather can be pretty up and down this time of year in the UK which makes it hard to know what shoes are really suitable. I decided that maybe it was time to start putting boots away and then realized that this only left me with trainers! I guess this time last year I was still a student which meant heels at night and comfy high tops during the day. Being almost 22 it is time to adultify my wardrobe, a little. I decided to take a trip to River Island as I still had a voucher lurking in my purse from Christmas. I like River Island shoes as they are quite quirky and there is a lot of styles to suit different people. The new spring collection has introduced lots of moccasin and loafer style shoes. I love the patent black ones but there were also lovely pastel colours, which will definitely be on my wish list as spring draws in. The loafers I went for are the black metal snake front pointed loafers which I absolutely LOVE, they can be dressed up or down and will also be ideal for work and many interviews I have lined up over the coming month!

The shoe section is also very close to the accessories section and I just couldn't resist! I was on a budget as my purse was rather empty except the £40 voucher. River Island introduced a cheaper costume jewelry section around a year ago for the everyday little things that can sometimes make an outfit. There were so many gorgeous dainty things that I knew I wouldn't be leaving on the shelf! The daisy bracelets I think will look cute in spring, as I only have tiny wrists they are perfect. The midi rings are also great for those with small hands as they too are very petite and don't cover the finger like many costume rings do. The cross earrings are a replacement for a similar pair of earrings I lost from Urban Outfitters and all were bought at a bargain price. If you are on a budget this month but fancy a nice little treat then the River Island accessories are worth a visit.