Saturday, 1 March 2014

River Island haul.

Shoes - £25
Dainty daisy bracelets - £3 each
Daisy earrings - £2
Cross earrings - £3
Midi rings - £3

So the weather can be pretty up and down this time of year in the UK which makes it hard to know what shoes are really suitable. I decided that maybe it was time to start putting boots away and then realized that this only left me with trainers! I guess this time last year I was still a student which meant heels at night and comfy high tops during the day. Being almost 22 it is time to adultify my wardrobe, a little. I decided to take a trip to River Island as I still had a voucher lurking in my purse from Christmas. I like River Island shoes as they are quite quirky and there is a lot of styles to suit different people. The new spring collection has introduced lots of moccasin and loafer style shoes. I love the patent black ones but there were also lovely pastel colours, which will definitely be on my wish list as spring draws in. The loafers I went for are the black metal snake front pointed loafers which I absolutely LOVE, they can be dressed up or down and will also be ideal for work and many interviews I have lined up over the coming month!

The shoe section is also very close to the accessories section and I just couldn't resist! I was on a budget as my purse was rather empty except the £40 voucher. River Island introduced a cheaper costume jewelry section around a year ago for the everyday little things that can sometimes make an outfit. There were so many gorgeous dainty things that I knew I wouldn't be leaving on the shelf! The daisy bracelets I think will look cute in spring, as I only have tiny wrists they are perfect. The midi rings are also great for those with small hands as they too are very petite and don't cover the finger like many costume rings do. The cross earrings are a replacement for a similar pair of earrings I lost from Urban Outfitters and all were bought at a bargain price. If you are on a budget this month but fancy a nice little treat then the River Island accessories are worth a visit.


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