Sunday, 2 March 2014

Your boyfriends razor may be better than your own.

The age old issue of leg hair. 
We all have it and sometimes it can seem such a chore to shave your legs for a night out. If your like me I tend not to shave my legs as much in the winter as I stay wrapped up, but having a boyfriend means I can't go walking around with my legs looking like the hair bear bunch. I have always used female razors, I do not know why and I have never even thought to question it before, perhaps its the colour. Yet over christmas I was left with a dilemma, I had no razor heads left and I was due to go out for christmas celebrations. I routed through my toiletries and could only find one of Dan's spare razors that had been unopened, a Mach3 Turbo that he had been given free at freshers fair. 
(I still don't think he knows this so.. hey Dan, I've been using your razor)

It worked a treat!!!

My legs felt smoother than I had ever managed to get them with the female razors. I have now adopted this lovely new razor as my own and my legs are still smoother than ever. This did lead me to research into why female and male razors were different. Apparently razors for men are at a different shave angle as mens beards are tougher than women's leg or underarm hair. Women's razors are built for all over body and numerous angles therefore the razor head tends to be flatter and rounded at the edges for better coverage. Personally I don't understand how a male razor is any different as it does a better job and the head replacements are so much cheaper!

Next time your out buying the essentials, give it a go, I'd like to know your verdict too?


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  1. It is so true. I use my husbands razor's all the time because they do leave a smoother feeling!

    Hey, I nominated you for a Liebster Award!