Friday, 21 February 2014

All hail Queen B!

This probably won't be of interest to everyone but after reading numerous tweets and listening to Grimmy on radio 1 slate her for being 'boring' I wanted to make a post. I LOVEEE Beyonce, not just for her music but just her passion for women and womens rights, amen soul sister! Shes not my typical music of choice but she can certainly lift you up when your feeling down (the amount of times me and my housemates spent at uni while writing dissertation questioning, 'what would beyonce do?') shes great for a pick me up and a pyjamma rave round the house as your getting ready. Granted she didn't get up on stage and wiggle her booty to crazy in love but she performed her new single 'XO'... and she performed it in style!!! In my opinion Beyonce has one hot bod! And while she may have only stood there singing, her outfit pretty much said it all...

How many people can go from singing at the Brits dressed as a super sequined mermaid and then throw on some sneakers and a baseball jacket still looking super hot! When I think of baseball jackets and sneakers over a gorgeous dress I can't help but think about the awful states you see on a Saturday night out where their heals are off, McDonalds is in hand and their boyfriend has kindly lent them his jacket as their eyelashes begin to melt off into their burger! Not Queen B, I think she could even make a manky bandage look good!!!

Love you like... XO.

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