Thursday, 20 February 2014


Howdy. Hello.
I'm Olivia from Manchester in the UK and I absolutely loveeee anything fashion and current, I'm 21 and new to this whole blogging thing. Be that jewellery, store hauls, home fashion, make-up, I'm pretty obsessed with changing things up and mixing things around. I decided to write a blog as kind of an open diary, I'm not to sure how well it will go, but having a blog will sure help dull moments where I'm stuck on a train or I've had a bad day in work.
This is my lovely mugshot, HEYYY!

I'm pretty sure if your reading this you'll want to know a little more about me, I've recently graduated (wahooo) with a psychology degree (not so whooo, NO JOBS) but I am hoping to return back to uni next year to carry on studying. I live a pretty average life at home with my Dad, Mum and brother, oh and of course my lovely boyfriend. Although sometime in the near future we are looking to move out, exciting! So stick around for weekly blogs on things I've bought, crazy ideas I've had or lovely places you need to visit.

mwah x.

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