Tuesday, 24 June 2014

life took over

OK so I've not blogged in soooooo long! Not out of choice but I have just been too ridiculously busy. I have passed my QTS tests, yay! For those who don't know what these are, they are mini maths and english tests you have to pass before starting a teaching course. So as of September I will be a student teacher, arghhh! I've not even had the chance to let this sink in! I've also been making the most of the glorious weather we have been having in England, it has been lovely and so me and my other half went camping. YES camping, no glorious time to fashionably get yourself ready, but I loved that. I loved feeling free and natural and not really caring what I looked like. If you ever want anywhere to go for a day or a mini break I cannot recommend the Lake District enough, its breathtaking. In the time I haven't blogged I have also visited Cardiff where my boyfriend is from. We spent some quality family time with the Welshies. There is a lot of talk going on about moving there once I'm qualified, being grown up can be ridiculously terrifying but equally exciting! 

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