Monday, 28 April 2014

Shock horror I bought a pair of jeans

Although this seems like an ordinary purchase for most, it is almost a first for me! I never wear jeans! Crazy? I know, but you will always find me in a pair of leggings or Topshop Leigh or Joni 'jeans', although I barely class those as denim. When I say Jeans I mean real denim, denim that is quite thick and hard wearing. For spring I wanted some ink blue slouchy skinnies that would look great with pumps, sandals or flip-flops. I found the perfect pair. Where? NEXT. I am quite small so it is often hard to find jeans, infact anything, that fits length wise. Therefore, I always head to the petite section, I picked up a pair of relaxed skinnies in a 10P and I love them! They look super cute and summery with a little turn up at the bottom and they have the ripped effect over the knee. Due to the denim being quite dark they look great with light/white coloured tops. 

Where did you find your favorite pair of jeans?

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