Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Holiday hair.

I really haven't posted in a while but back too it. Pinky promise. I've been away on holiday to the gorgeous island of Majorca, I can happily say I didn't indulge in the delight of Magaluf (party central). Instead I took a gorgeous relaxing beach holiday to Cala D'or. I will be doing a few posts based on holidays so please do pop back.
 Today I want to blog about hair. While on holiday it is true that make-up is not an essential; once you've passed the crispy sun burnt sore stage you begin to glow with holiday sunshine. Therefore, the best accessory on holiday is your hair. I love the sun-kissed beach look so I thought I would share with you my two favorite hairstyles of the summer...

This is a a great look when you really just cant be bothered. I towel dried my hair and after using my tangle teaser to tease the knots I added the aussie volume boost spray through the roots. To the ends I used V05 salt spray and used my hand to scrunch. I blasted my hair with the hairdryer making sure I was scrunching as I did so, I also tipped my hair upside down to dry the underneath, this added volume.

Ok, so this second hairstyle is a little more fiddly... a milkmaid braid. This style is great for when you just want your hair to be up and out of the way. I dried my hair as normal then separated my hair in to bunches. You can plait or fishtail your bunches, fasten them with a bobble (preferably the tiny elastic ones). then take them over each side of your head and secure in place with bobby pins. Style your fringe how you wish.

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