Wednesday, 13 August 2014

5 things I wish I'd have known when I was a fresher.

Today marks a big day for a lot of people across the UK, you actually find out which uni you will end up at for the next 3 years. SCARYYY, not really! It will be the best 3 years of your life. Your mind will be opened up to different ways of living and you will meet people from anywhere and everywhere. Going to uni comes with so many responsibilities, for the first time in your life you can leave your room as messy as you like, you can go out and come in at 6am, you can even leave your washing up for days on end if you really want too. Today I want to give all you freshers some insight in to what I wish I had known 4 long years ago.

Wheres wally? Oh dear.
I couldn't have met a nicer guy <3
My drunken self thought this hilarious.

1. Money, so it may seem cool that student finance are shelling out £4000 to see you through the year, it seems so much, believe me its not! While it may seem a lot it soon disappears and you cant even remember how you spent it. A little tip I'd give is budget. Work out how much you get every 3 installments, minus your bills and rent and divide it by the weeks your at uni. This gives a weekly budget. I also worked throughout holidays when I came home, it just gives you a bit extra, who doesn't love extra cash.

2. Friends, Do not worry. You will be in the car come September setting out on your newest adventure thinking 'oh god, what the hell are my flatmates going to be like'. Be open-minded, not everyone lives how you live or has the same views but it seems that everyone at uni knows how to have fun. I didn't click with my flatmates at first but now one of them is like my right arm, I don't know what I'd do without her.

3.Washing up, For some reason every flat will have an issue with this at some point, whether there is someone that seems to love collecting moldy bowls or someone that denies that any of their plates that they have clearly ate off are theirs. If this happens speak, speak with your flatmates, pent up anger over some silly washing up can never end good.

4. Relationships, Ok so some of you may be going to uni while in a long term relationship, I did. Don't be too harsh on yourself, enjoy being a fresher and having fun rather than feeling tied down. I tried to do both but eventually it just did not work. Not to fear I know of a few people that managed to stay together through uni and its safe to say they are just meant to be. Just remember to have fun, there is time for marriage when your 30 and have responsibilities. If your going to meet someone at uni (wait till second year) the partying has calmed down by then and you have more time.

5. Essays, Don't freak out about work, as long as you pass first year it doesn't actually count towards your final degree mark (mine didn't, but I would double check). This doesn't mean to mess around and literally scrape by. Give yourself this year to learn, learn the new writing style, give yourself a structure and get into a routine; otherwise you'll be kicking yourself in third year. Read your feedback, its easy enough to just look at your mark but actually read the comments it will help you gain extra marks next time; when there are 10 marks between a 2:1 and a 1st it is worth it. 

To anyone heading to uni this year as a fresher you don't have a single thing to worry about, don't be shy, jump in with both feet. You'll meet amazing people and who knows maybe you'll meet Mr. right, I did!


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