Monday, 14 April 2014

How to clean your make-up brushes

I think most people know their buffing brush from their contouring brush, but did you know that you should be cleaning these brushes regularly? 
I have to admit, up until a few years ago I never even thought about cleaning my make-up brushes as I thought, whats the point, you only use them for putting the same make-up onto a fresh face. Yet, so many bacteria, oil and dirt get stuck in the bristles of the brush and overtime they can grow and lead to unwanted breakouts. I also find that if I haven't cleaned my brushes in a while my make-up tends to look a bit flat, as if my brushes aren't working as well. time to give those brushes some TLC.

 1. What you will need - washing up liquid/shampoo, a plate, a small cup of lukewarm water.

2) Put a tiny amount of washing up liquid/shampoo on to the plate.

3) I usually use a baby wipe first to wipe any excess make-up off , then dip the brush in the cup of water.

4) Gently swirl the brush round the plate in the soap and keep rinsing the brush in the water, you may need to rinse and repeat a few times. 

Once cleaned run the brush under steady lukewarm water to get rid of any soap that is still on there. Use a cloth to then wipe the brush and reshape the bristles. lay the brush flat to dry.

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