Sunday, 13 April 2014

A little update.

I have been pretty busy and just not got round to posting. But hellloooo again!
I hope you like my post below :)
I'm also going to update you on what I have been up to so you can get a more personal insight into my probably boring daily activities.

I booked a holiday!
yes yes yes, we will be heading to lovely Tenerife for a week of sun and relaxation at this gorgeous hotel.

Getting ready for holiday I also started slimming world.
In 2 weeks I've lost 3.5lbs, not a lot but its been half term so a few days haven't gone to plan. Yet I discovered a fab breakfast that leaves you full till lunchtime and tastes yummy - overnightoats!
30g porridge oats
layered with low fat yoghurt
topped with frozen fruit.
leave in the fridge overnight and ta-dah!

New Vans, summer is here no more boots (I hope.)

I've also been babysitting my goddaughter who has a better bedroom than my own. So if anyone has a little girl and is needing some interior inspiration and would like me to do a post let me know...


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